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Find us at the workshop:

338 West 8th Ave, Unit 105 (at the 

back of the building)

Vancouver, BC

We are close to Broadway and 


We do not have a separate retail store 

right now.  We are not selling greeting

cards or other merchandise.  We are

focused on custom framing.  We have

all the samples at the workshop to 

show you what can be ordered for 

your custom frame.


Quality framing materials

Has your framed print or photo faded or changed colour over time? UV coated glass would have prevented this.  Have you noticed brown marks or "acid burning"? That's where acid from mats or cardboard leaches into the paper of your art, causing damage that can't be repaired.  We use acid free mats and backing materials so this doesn't happen.

Plus we have access to a whole range of great looking wood and metal picture frames.

Artwork for sale

Looking for a low cost alternative to custom framing?

Plaque Mounting
Time Frame Gallery
338 West 8th Ave
Vancouver, BC  V5Y 3X2
Phone: (604) 681-8463
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